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EDF Group in 2006
corporate document
financial report
sustainable development report
 report by the Chairman of EDF Board of Directors on corporate governance and internal control procedures
sustainable development report
interactive sustainable development report
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the report in its entirety
download the report in its entirety (PDF, 7 Mb)
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the full document (PDF, 2 Mb)

By chapters:
chairman’s statement (PDF,64 Kb)
expert’s perspective: Jean Jouzel
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Vice President (PDF, 56 Kb)
the sustainable development panel’s perspective (PDF, 130 Kb)
energy challenges: world energy outlook (PDF,225 Kb)
addressing climate change (PDF, 546 Kb)
minimizing impact (PDF, 301 Kb)
social responsibility (PDF, 289 Kb)
the social fabric (PDF, 302 Kb)
achievements regarding Global Compact principles (PDF, 220 Kb)
glossary (PDF, 64 Kb)

2006 sustainable development indicators (PDF, 305 Kb)